Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Droplets of water that fall upon us from the benevolent sky,
Showering us in wetness and a freezing touch to our malevolent eyes.
This water that comes to us can be beneficial and our death,
So what is rain? Superficial to our breath.
A reward from the cold night or a punishment from the gold sky,
Visions that fade in old sight, drowned in a mercy in a bold plight.
What is this rain that we see day in and day out,
The clouds that hover above us staying and feign out,
Gathering from the earth the things that form it,
And when it's ready to climax it starts to rain down.
A foe to the warmth of summer, friend to the chills of winter,
A diplomat in between the autumn and spring and the silence that lingers.
Some tend to sing in the rain whilst others want to avoid it,
To try and forget what was bringing the pain or stay doomed and the voided.
Light is now a diety in another dimension, another world.
A place where evil does not darken the skies like hell and worse,
I have no words; to describe the worst,
Just a lonesome wish to fly away like the birds.
The madness of solitude will drive us all insane,
Flying to unknown areas as our wings get hit in the rain.
We all dream of a moment that we can live a life so happily,
Together in peace and harmony with friends and family.
But when the rain pours dreams turn to vivid fantasies,
And the reality tells us nothing awaits us but eternal agony.
This is real a life so hard, the cold rain that drowns us to our hearts. Trying to escape cannot be a new start, no where to run no where to go far. We can only trust our secrets to the stars, whom above the rain can hear the cries of our hearts.
From rain comes thunder and lightening,a sound of fear to behold alone is frightening.
Do we ever wonder what will be the cause of the brightening,
an eternal pause of thought when the chaotic duo becomes a sight in sync.
What is rain? What is rain?
Water that reaches us to stop the pain,
Or in reality a doom waiting that will cause us to change.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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