Monday, 12 November 2012


We live in a world where we forget the most important things,
In a world where money keeps it rotating.
But it's the small things that tend to make us sing,
Like a passion of fire burning ever so blazing.
Now this could be your song or a sentence of simple words,
But i want you to remember how we came into living.
Our parents that made us who we are like two blissful birds,
Parents that let our mistakes go so loving and forgiving.
When we were babies how they cherished us with their souls,
Like they couldn't bare to live without holding us.
Loving us everyday as they grew old and we were their gold,
Raising us on the path of life they were molding us.
To see us down and upset was a pain they could not take,
So your mum and dad's hearts you must not break.
We needed them when we were young,
They need us now they are of age.
And we would smile at the songs they sung,
and the smiles they gave when turning the page.
Our mothers spent sleepless nights tending to our cries,
We would be cradled in her blessed arms as she looked in our eyes,
She was our light, and she always be there every day and night.
She went through every pain to raise us,
Every pain to love and cherish what she wanted us to be.
I remember my mom and how beautiful her face is,
And im crying because of the way she see's me.
Our fathers work their entire lives so that we could live happily,
They would sacrifice everything so we could be a family.
Through endless cold tortures and rants of crying customers and endless agony,
Just so we could live together like a life in fantasy.
Now when we grew up in such an evil world,
We would disrespect our parents like they were nothing.
We would say everything not minding our words,
Breaking their hearts as they cry, their souls we are crushing.
They cry in pain when they see us grow up only to hate them,
Not appreciating the things they went through for us.
But when you need them again you won't be able to face them,
Although they would be more than happy to do anything for us.
Don't you cry at my words when i tell you that it's like this,
What our parents did for us we could never repay.
It burns my heart at realization when i write this,
How would you feel seeing your beloved parents decay?
Some of the youth wish their parents die,
Some of the youth wish they never had a mom or dad.
But let me ask you where you would be without their eyes,
How remorseful would you feel if you couldn't fly,
Or be loved the way they loved you, hugging you when you are sad.
They bleed for you, they weep for you,
Yet you want them dead and away.
They'd feel for you, and fear for you,,
Everlasting love which you don't want to stay.
My tears drop at the mere thought of me ever wishing death on them,
For what they did for me during childhood is uncompareable.
So don't you dare reading this do the same, you are blessed with them.
With your parents at your side life is undespairable.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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