Monday, 5 November 2012

My memory

Inspired by @zakiahussnain

When we would breathe the same air on a fine summers day,
Go out to explore and venture the concrete jungle.
A new life could be found was something some would say,
Like the celebrity who would pass on street and humble.
We had the best time as friends; the things we created.
Then you left me right at the end, you can't see the wounds because time has replaced it.
You left me when i needed you at peak; at life's climax,
At a time where i thought I'd never sleep, and i would fall right back.
You were my best friend i couldn't be me without you,
In sync like twins through heart and in sound too.
I remember you every day but you don't deserve to be a memory,
For when you left my heart shattered now there isn't a remedy.
Life is cold; i was always warm knowing you were there,
Because i knew that even if the world was against me you would care.
All i ask is that you earn my memory,
Make me remember you.
Be what you used to be; a sweet melody,
Entering the soul of life; re-enter truth.
The stars speak; like the rhythm of my heart beat,
And you broke everything when you left; the stars scream.
A memory is all that remains lingering in my mind,
The mark that you made slowing down time.
You want to be that memory, all i ask is that you earn that memory,
Make me remember you.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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