Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ignorance is bliss

Thoughts running across the mind like a footballer on a pitch,
Wondering about the mysteries of life and an eternal bliss.
Emotions stirring in the heart like a teabag in a cup,
Living in a society of criminals, thieves and thugs.
Trying to understand the true definition of the word peace,
And if it was something that really existed and evil to cease.
Looking at the wide blueness of the sky, and the clouds that fly by.
This is the beauty that we see with our eyes, not the fantasy we see in our mind.
The light of the world is not just a faded vision,
The harsh realities can slice right through like a blade incision.
And we face pain and aggro like the rage of a blazing vixen,
Shattered into pieces of emptiness like the remains of a raided prison.
Our strength and will lifts us back up when we fall down,
Never to give up especially when we are called out.
And in my opinion unity should be the law now,
Violence in every city remains a plague and we saw how.
Riots start over issues unresolved; unattended and unanswered,
Ignoring dangers like the fact smoking causes lung cancer.
Dark secrets unraveled, truths discovered and mysteries revealed;
This is our developing life good and evil things need to be resealed.
Live like a raging fire; burn the skies with your flames,
Increase in your fading desires: turn the light into our pain.
Looking for bliss and joy only to find more sorrow,
Living in the memory forgetting that there is always tomorrow.
A chaotic havoc could turn in to a scene so serene,
Close your eyes and just force your mind to dream.
And you will find a fantasy a life so clean and pristine,
No chaos reaching and no creeping fiends.
Let the rainbow appear into your new life,
And forget the past keep your truth nice.
If we listen carefully we can hear the rhythm that the hearts are beating,
And the silence of the night sky as if the stars are breathing.
Let this be our truth;remain anonymous to strife,
Close the door and open another to a new life.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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