Thursday, 15 November 2012

Free Palestine

As the empty shells of machine guns lay cold aside the corpses,
Blood infested lands of the inhabitants that desired only peace.
Troops from the Hitler regime based country invading like enraged horses,
Slaughtering innocent people; Bloodthirsty Murderers When will this evil cease?
The mothers that cry because their children die first,
Then cry because they've seen their husband die.
And then are killed with strong faith that hell is worse,
While we sit at home watching the media's lies.
The children that are killed without living a life,
At infancy, as a toddler; even new born.
The Zionist Israeli bastards that bulldoze the desperate plight,
Free Palestine Free Palestine We Pray to our Lord
A genocide of Palestinians; Muslims that cannot even defend,
Hitler like blood-thirst in the evil Israeli country.
The US supports them; with a hypocritical pretense,
Everyone is dying because they are shot or because they are hungry.
Free Palestine Free Palestine; Liberate the country from Evil,
Rescue the people in desperate plea, in desperate cries.
Free Palestine Free Palestine: Keep chanting as free people,
Lets grab darkness by the neck and restore the light.
Free Palestine Free Palestine Save the Children and the Mothers lives,
And the men that defend their honour without a voice.
Free Palestine Free Palestine; Keep chanting and let hope rise,
Keep chanting and make liberation and freedom the only choice.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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