Sunday, 11 November 2012

Unheard Voice Of A Muslim

Why do i need to suffer to be a Muslim; to believe in God Almighty,
Who sent us a blessed and noble Prophet to correct and guide me.
Why must we suffer for the doings of a minority in wrong,
Why must we be alienated by everyone in rhyme and song.
I believe in one God, i believe in my prophet,
And i believe he was a teacher in morality, always honest.
He taught us to be kind to love our neighbor,
To adopt a morality a good heart and a light to savor.
Never to lie, cheat, or steal from friend or foe,
Never to kill wrongly never to shed blood because God will always know.
Instead we are all accused for the wrong doings of a group,
who wrongly used this religions name and became a tyrannical view.
I cry because i feel like I'm not a human like everyone else,
Because all of us are outcasted down to our breaths,
We love Prophet Muhammad, David, Solomon and The Prophet Jesus,
And our belief is that we are Muslim from the moment we are a fetus.
It's when we grow older and wiser when we have a choice,
But Muslims in today's day and age no longer have their own voice.
Millions of Muslims being slaughtered day by day,
Dropping bombs on our countries plane by plane.
Defenseless without so much of a voice of defense,
And we are called the terrorists what a stupid pretense.
When we are the ones suffering and dying,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones worrying and crying,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones who want peace and ease,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones who want evil to cease,
How can you call us terrorists?
It's okay; my Prophet warned us that this would happen,
That the light would perish and the world would blacken.
We would be hated for believing in this religion,
Believing in a small hope when the youth do signing a petition.
Justice will prevail in the end; Evil will be on it's knees,
We shall all stand together on this planet in harmony and ease.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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