Monday, 26 November 2012

Writers' Block

The sounds of the breath of life can be heard in the silence i sit in,
Bereft of inspiration to write away to soul's desire.
Lost mind without ability to think it's lost rhythm,
Has it come to a time where my poetic career must retire?
No i decline; i shall never throw away what is my passion,
What keeps my spirits; energy to live my life.
Like the stars falling like meteors the rage is blasting,
I can't tell what this is; writers block' an enemy in sight.
I thought i couldn't put any words together again,
Not in the same flow i used to be able to.
Now that i start again i am that poet; forever same,
As i revive that passion again may this be my fabled truth.
My book unfinished; now determined to finish what i started,
My project of a lifetime i need to look for inspiration.
Poetry is what symbolizes me; a definition of what my heart is,
But when i look that way it seems i used up all that inspiration.
Ideas, ideas, ideas...all i need to retake that journey;
To jump over the obstacles and the enemies that try to hurt me.
Writers block' a disease to a passionate poet that rhymes words,
With letters and all it's meaning that could be found in the world.
I fell into a shadow but now i rise again into light,
Passion re flamed and rekindled like the rhymes that flow bright.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Palestinian Genocide

Thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered for no reason,
From mothers; to husbands and fathers to children who just started breathing.
The men are policing; the women are screaming and the babies are bleeding,
Blood splattered on the walls dripping down like water leaking.
While we sit here and do nothing but watch it on our TVs,
Because we can't do anything but face up to these feelings,
Watching our brothers and sisters in Islam horribly being defeated,
But we shall prevail; All praises to the Lord we believe in.
Israel; a country where evil is born; a reincarnated Hitler,
But not today, today you shall not be the victor.
You wept when Hitler had wiped out the convoy of Jews,
Now you think it's fine to do that to people who live by a truth.
That was a holocaust; a genocide and now we share that pain,
But don't call  Hitler a demon when you're both from the same place.
Why do you spill our blood with intentions of revenge,
We Muslims never wiped out your people we can't even defend.
And the US following your backside just a hypocritical pretense,
Obama just a fake man with fake values who knows only to pretend.
America is now Israel's puppet as they try to occupy the holy land,
A land that belonged to the Muslims till date now a holy stand.
A holy war; a holy conflict, battle; massacre that you shall not surpass.
Call it what you may; but by God's name you shall not last.
Masjid Al Aqsa is what we believe to be Solomon's treasure,
But what you dig for underneath is nothing but for your pleasure.
Masjid al Aqsa; a mosque created by the Jinn and HudHud's feather,
But you can never take it; it shall remain standing forever.
We have something that you shall never have; faith,
An article of immense power that will always keep us safe.
Destroy us, Slaughter Us but we shall end up in a better place,
Where you shall not living in eternal regret and pain.
You take pride in slaughtering new born babies,
Then killing their mothers who are nothing but innocent ladies.
Then you kill their fathers showing us that you are crazy,
A demonic blood thirst; demonic intent another Hitler maybe.
You say you defend; when it's you that's been attacking for years,
It's the Palestinians that lose blood and cry all their tears.
When have you ever cared; being so unjust and unfair,
Killing with your weapons; people with hands that are bare.
Free Free Palestine will be something we shall always be chanting,
And the day will come when they are liberated and we shall be dancing.
Free Free Palestine will be a slogan that will be the one thing you cannot hear;
Because you will be buried in your own graves with bullets in your ears.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Message to the heartless

I don't know where to begin. How can someone explain the meaning of their tears? Forget one one cares about the millions of tears that are dropping. Because of bloodshed. Because of the Hitler invasion by israel to the palestinians.
Muslims no longer have a place in the world, it's like you treat us like we are worse than dirt. What? Because a small group of extremist people blew up your tower? They wrongly used our name and now you blame our whole religion.
Since that incident you have outcasted us from humanity. Calling us terrorists.
Terrorist. What nonsense. Such contradiction!!! You have no idea on what Islam is! Instead you let the media brainwash you and twist the truth to something else! Something you people are stupid enough to believe!
The word "Muslim" derives from the word arabic meaning "Peace".
If a muslim is a man of peace how can he be a terrorist?
How can those radical people be muslims?
Use your brains.
It's not terrorism when Russian had killed 2million chechens and afghanis. It wasn't terrorism when tens of thousands of muslims were slaughtered in Burma. It isn't terrorism when Israel is killing and bombing palestine to no end over a strip of land. It isn't terrorism when the violent shia'a regime are killing all the innocent sunni muslims in Iran, which you like to endorse and support.
What happened to our humanity?
Do we not walk on the same feet you do!!
You talk about progress and looking to the future but instead you do the opposite and act like neanderthals. There's no more humanity left in your hearts.
We believe in God, and our final Prophet may Peace be upon him.
And we were never taught to kill anyone.
To say otherwise is a lie.
And that lie has spread nationwide and the media has made everyone believe.
Open a book and do your research.
The Prophet PBUH said in authentic narrations in regards to the non believers;
"Respect and honor them, if not as brothers and sisters in religion but atleast brothers and sisters in humanity"
Does this sound like a violent man to you?!
Our prophet would command us to adopt morals and etiquette, and share the same values the Prophet Jesus upon him be peace sent to mankind. Love thy neighbour and respect all.
Love one another.
With the way things going, the genocide of the muslims we can tell you've ignored that. We can tell theres no more hint of humanity left in your hearts.
Look on the news and see what's happening.
They tell you Hammas this and that attacks Israel.
Do your own research and look closer.
How long have Israel been invading and attacking that country to claim a land that does not belong to them? Killing everyone in their way because of their evil bloodlust. It isn't Jews that are causing this. They are zionists and they are dogs and they want to be the main power.
And the U.S with no sense of humanity follows them like a dog. Why don't you speak up? You know this is wrong. To slaughter and kill them.
We shed blood like you do so how can we not be human?
We cry like you do how can we not be human?
When a christian does something radical he is not labelled an extremist or a terrorist nor is it pointed out that he is a christian;
Same goes with hindus and the violence they cause in india killing all the muslims blowing up the mosques. Yet do we see you calling them terrorists? No!
Why is this word only associated with muslims?!
How can you call innocent peace loving people terrorists?
Israels the terrorist. The Real terrorist.
Do you know how badly this hurts me as a human being when you go on talking about Justice when you don't do any justice for the injustice thats taking place? Instead you support it?
Why can't we be under the same banner as mankind as human beings?
Yet you feel no remorse!! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ISRAEL AND AMERICA. I've lost all my respect for America now.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Free Palestine

As the empty shells of machine guns lay cold aside the corpses,
Blood infested lands of the inhabitants that desired only peace.
Troops from the Hitler regime based country invading like enraged horses,
Slaughtering innocent people; Bloodthirsty Murderers When will this evil cease?
The mothers that cry because their children die first,
Then cry because they've seen their husband die.
And then are killed with strong faith that hell is worse,
While we sit at home watching the media's lies.
The children that are killed without living a life,
At infancy, as a toddler; even new born.
The Zionist Israeli bastards that bulldoze the desperate plight,
Free Palestine Free Palestine We Pray to our Lord
A genocide of Palestinians; Muslims that cannot even defend,
Hitler like blood-thirst in the evil Israeli country.
The US supports them; with a hypocritical pretense,
Everyone is dying because they are shot or because they are hungry.
Free Palestine Free Palestine; Liberate the country from Evil,
Rescue the people in desperate plea, in desperate cries.
Free Palestine Free Palestine: Keep chanting as free people,
Lets grab darkness by the neck and restore the light.
Free Palestine Free Palestine Save the Children and the Mothers lives,
And the men that defend their honour without a voice.
Free Palestine Free Palestine; Keep chanting and let hope rise,
Keep chanting and make liberation and freedom the only choice.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Writers' Heart

A writer that takes emotional torture on a daily basis,
From friends, from family from all different places.
Expressing is difficult when you want to keep it hidden,
as painful as hell can be always the victim.
Like living in a prison; needing to break the prism.
My weak heart; it's impossible for me to not cry,
I'd rather be blind to see what i do although I've got eyes.
If you could understand me even a little bit,
Then maybe you'd realize there is much more to my words.
This life is not nice; it is as complex as a riddle is,
To cry like i do you would want to close the door to my world.
My heart is broken; shattered like pieces of glass,
Tormented by the cold winds that howl to pass.
I want to look forward to my future but instead i look back to my past,
A ghost that haunts me forever something that will always last.
A bitter love that never fell into my hands when i tried to catch,
When i tried to find it; when i thought i had found .
Serenity that fades to ash; from a fire of a raging blast,
In a dream the harps playing; it was this melodious sound.
I am a writer indeed; and i write many things that i feel,
But even we have a history beyond the concepts we see as real.
Even we really cry; tears that drop on the paper we write on,
Wishing we could fly away; or even find a wing to fly on.
Never think we are never true to the words you read,
Every word is a mystery that you shall understand in your sleep.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Bag Of Sweets

Imagine life like a bag of different sweets; the sweets are our feelings,
Take a sweet from the bag and give me for each a meaning.

Imagine the first one being love; what would your definition be,
Your experience of heavenly auras or an answer given more intelligently.
A poison that forces insecurities upon others when drowned by it,
Internal bleeding in rejection; travel to other worlds like the sound flying.
Heavenly bliss that's stirred in our most lonesome hearts,
A whisper amongst the gems of the sky the hopeful stars.

Pick the next sweet; oh dear you have picked up despair,
When our hearts are shattered and broken beyond repair.
That is when you feel sorrow; misery drowned in the shadows,
Swimming in the depths of life thinking how everything was shallow.
As you cry in the silent nights with despair haunting you,
Your failed attempts to sleep because of the past that's taunting you.

Pick the next sweet; and define what for you is joy,
When life is becoming everything you want from every choice.
Remembering how you grew up as a child; as a young girl or boy,
when you was too shy to speak for yourself; a quiet voice.
Playing in the meadows with your friends and family,
Listening to odes and melodies in your realistic fantasies.
In that world there was never such a thing as agony,
As you lived in every harmony, a life so happily.

Pick the next sweet and define for me your hatred,
Like hating someone in school that bullied you; and you couldn't face it
Wishing only now that those regrets could be factions and replacements,
Burning in the fire of self worth; everything that you hated.
Dreaming an alternate world in which you had defaced him,
Then realizing it's nothing but a memory and you wish to erase it.

Pick the next, oh there's nothing left; nothing remains.
This is all that we can now feel because our hearts are restrained.
And detained; to the evils of the world that now is enraged.
Now all you hold is an empty bag which once contained many sweets,
Little chocolates in a world that symbolized many dreams.
Do we also live fantasies; is there another life for when we sleep?
This is a cold life; as we wait for death to reap.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A heart that suffers

My heart suffers ever so silently,
No words to say, but the feelings seem to thrash ever so violently.
My facial expression as blank as seeing a nightmare,
No smile, no glint in my eyes, not even a slight care.
No more concern on things that i once loved,
No more worrying about the people i wanted to hug.
I don't have a heart no more so i cant show that expression,
No more happiness, just a permanent depression, bring a mirror so i can see my reflection.
This miserable disease plaguing my heart like an incurable infection,
Somebody please cure me, I'm willing to take any injection.
i want to smile again, to be able to feel joy,
I don't want to be a zombie, i want to be a young boy,
That young boy i once was who never let anything get him down.
Now its like he wants to drown, the things he faces in his home town.
Its me, as i stare vaguely in the mirror showing the havoc.
But the shattered mirror shows a smile, did i really have it?
I have truly fallen, will somebody lift me,
To travel life again i really need somebody with me.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Bleeding love

Bleeding in my heart as my soul cries silently in the dark,
Weeping with the stars as the cold flies violently from afar.
Trusting in new love again; the fairy tale that never is,
Trusting in romance again like predicting what the weather is.
Why is it me every time that that i get slaughtered,
By the pains of doubt and neglect; misery that borders,
Every time i stand up and try again only to face the shadow in the corner.

Why is it me that feels the pain of loneliness,
The solitude of being one without feeling the homeliness.
Why is it that i seek love, to love and be loved,
as if it were an instrument to be found from the heavens above.
Why am i most gullible to hidden truths when their existence is false
Only to find a nothingness smitten by the heavy lightning bolts.
Nothing is my past, my present and what i will find in the next life,
Crushing the last of my presence; my journey to find the best light.
Broken in soul, broken in heart as my tears flow,
Broken in humanity questioning where do the years go.
Leave me to be rotting with the way i was born,
Ripped from soul and heart, a figure so poor and torn.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Monday, 12 November 2012


We live in a world where we forget the most important things,
In a world where money keeps it rotating.
But it's the small things that tend to make us sing,
Like a passion of fire burning ever so blazing.
Now this could be your song or a sentence of simple words,
But i want you to remember how we came into living.
Our parents that made us who we are like two blissful birds,
Parents that let our mistakes go so loving and forgiving.
When we were babies how they cherished us with their souls,
Like they couldn't bare to live without holding us.
Loving us everyday as they grew old and we were their gold,
Raising us on the path of life they were molding us.
To see us down and upset was a pain they could not take,
So your mum and dad's hearts you must not break.
We needed them when we were young,
They need us now they are of age.
And we would smile at the songs they sung,
and the smiles they gave when turning the page.
Our mothers spent sleepless nights tending to our cries,
We would be cradled in her blessed arms as she looked in our eyes,
She was our light, and she always be there every day and night.
She went through every pain to raise us,
Every pain to love and cherish what she wanted us to be.
I remember my mom and how beautiful her face is,
And im crying because of the way she see's me.
Our fathers work their entire lives so that we could live happily,
They would sacrifice everything so we could be a family.
Through endless cold tortures and rants of crying customers and endless agony,
Just so we could live together like a life in fantasy.
Now when we grew up in such an evil world,
We would disrespect our parents like they were nothing.
We would say everything not minding our words,
Breaking their hearts as they cry, their souls we are crushing.
They cry in pain when they see us grow up only to hate them,
Not appreciating the things they went through for us.
But when you need them again you won't be able to face them,
Although they would be more than happy to do anything for us.
Don't you cry at my words when i tell you that it's like this,
What our parents did for us we could never repay.
It burns my heart at realization when i write this,
How would you feel seeing your beloved parents decay?
Some of the youth wish their parents die,
Some of the youth wish they never had a mom or dad.
But let me ask you where you would be without their eyes,
How remorseful would you feel if you couldn't fly,
Or be loved the way they loved you, hugging you when you are sad.
They bleed for you, they weep for you,
Yet you want them dead and away.
They'd feel for you, and fear for you,,
Everlasting love which you don't want to stay.
My tears drop at the mere thought of me ever wishing death on them,
For what they did for me during childhood is uncompareable.
So don't you dare reading this do the same, you are blessed with them.
With your parents at your side life is undespairable.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Unheard Voice Of A Muslim

Why do i need to suffer to be a Muslim; to believe in God Almighty,
Who sent us a blessed and noble Prophet to correct and guide me.
Why must we suffer for the doings of a minority in wrong,
Why must we be alienated by everyone in rhyme and song.
I believe in one God, i believe in my prophet,
And i believe he was a teacher in morality, always honest.
He taught us to be kind to love our neighbor,
To adopt a morality a good heart and a light to savor.
Never to lie, cheat, or steal from friend or foe,
Never to kill wrongly never to shed blood because God will always know.
Instead we are all accused for the wrong doings of a group,
who wrongly used this religions name and became a tyrannical view.
I cry because i feel like I'm not a human like everyone else,
Because all of us are outcasted down to our breaths,
We love Prophet Muhammad, David, Solomon and The Prophet Jesus,
And our belief is that we are Muslim from the moment we are a fetus.
It's when we grow older and wiser when we have a choice,
But Muslims in today's day and age no longer have their own voice.
Millions of Muslims being slaughtered day by day,
Dropping bombs on our countries plane by plane.
Defenseless without so much of a voice of defense,
And we are called the terrorists what a stupid pretense.
When we are the ones suffering and dying,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones worrying and crying,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones who want peace and ease,
How can you call us terrorists?
When we are the ones who want evil to cease,
How can you call us terrorists?
It's okay; my Prophet warned us that this would happen,
That the light would perish and the world would blacken.
We would be hated for believing in this religion,
Believing in a small hope when the youth do signing a petition.
Justice will prevail in the end; Evil will be on it's knees,
We shall all stand together on this planet in harmony and ease.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Test

Unaware of my gift to write words in an unspoken rhythm,
In despair of ignorant bliss; escape the prism of solitude's prison.
My words can be my justice my aide in the time of dark,
For someone to see someone to read and even adopt a heart.
Because this is a start; a plan from the stars,
The whispers that instruct us will help us to go far.
This is a world shrouded by the cloak of death,
Spectres of shadows creep silently within our cold breaths.
A world unblessed; screams in every corner our eyes that see red,
Wondering if this is a final stand or if it's all just a test, a feeling unrest.
No words for the feelings I've felt; as we look at the world through another lens.
A life being lived in constant defense.
Fighting off the devils of doubt and the things we resent,
they try to prevent, but tranquility descends, serenity befriends.
If the cold waves of the winds could speak to us,
Secrets would be revealed to us that the sun would not preach to us.
Let this world stay the illusion that we love to chase,
May the destruction one day be something we never face.
May the ending be a fairy tale; happily ever after,
May God prove peoples doubts wrong when they say prayers are never answered.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Droplets of water that fall upon us from the benevolent sky,
Showering us in wetness and a freezing touch to our malevolent eyes.
This water that comes to us can be beneficial and our death,
So what is rain? Superficial to our breath.
A reward from the cold night or a punishment from the gold sky,
Visions that fade in old sight, drowned in a mercy in a bold plight.
What is this rain that we see day in and day out,
The clouds that hover above us staying and feign out,
Gathering from the earth the things that form it,
And when it's ready to climax it starts to rain down.
A foe to the warmth of summer, friend to the chills of winter,
A diplomat in between the autumn and spring and the silence that lingers.
Some tend to sing in the rain whilst others want to avoid it,
To try and forget what was bringing the pain or stay doomed and the voided.
Light is now a diety in another dimension, another world.
A place where evil does not darken the skies like hell and worse,
I have no words; to describe the worst,
Just a lonesome wish to fly away like the birds.
The madness of solitude will drive us all insane,
Flying to unknown areas as our wings get hit in the rain.
We all dream of a moment that we can live a life so happily,
Together in peace and harmony with friends and family.
But when the rain pours dreams turn to vivid fantasies,
And the reality tells us nothing awaits us but eternal agony.
This is real a life so hard, the cold rain that drowns us to our hearts. Trying to escape cannot be a new start, no where to run no where to go far. We can only trust our secrets to the stars, whom above the rain can hear the cries of our hearts.
From rain comes thunder and lightening,a sound of fear to behold alone is frightening.
Do we ever wonder what will be the cause of the brightening,
an eternal pause of thought when the chaotic duo becomes a sight in sync.
What is rain? What is rain?
Water that reaches us to stop the pain,
Or in reality a doom waiting that will cause us to change.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Monday, 5 November 2012

My memory

Inspired by @zakiahussnain

When we would breathe the same air on a fine summers day,
Go out to explore and venture the concrete jungle.
A new life could be found was something some would say,
Like the celebrity who would pass on street and humble.
We had the best time as friends; the things we created.
Then you left me right at the end, you can't see the wounds because time has replaced it.
You left me when i needed you at peak; at life's climax,
At a time where i thought I'd never sleep, and i would fall right back.
You were my best friend i couldn't be me without you,
In sync like twins through heart and in sound too.
I remember you every day but you don't deserve to be a memory,
For when you left my heart shattered now there isn't a remedy.
Life is cold; i was always warm knowing you were there,
Because i knew that even if the world was against me you would care.
All i ask is that you earn my memory,
Make me remember you.
Be what you used to be; a sweet melody,
Entering the soul of life; re-enter truth.
The stars speak; like the rhythm of my heart beat,
And you broke everything when you left; the stars scream.
A memory is all that remains lingering in my mind,
The mark that you made slowing down time.
You want to be that memory, all i ask is that you earn that memory,
Make me remember you.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ignorance is bliss

Thoughts running across the mind like a footballer on a pitch,
Wondering about the mysteries of life and an eternal bliss.
Emotions stirring in the heart like a teabag in a cup,
Living in a society of criminals, thieves and thugs.
Trying to understand the true definition of the word peace,
And if it was something that really existed and evil to cease.
Looking at the wide blueness of the sky, and the clouds that fly by.
This is the beauty that we see with our eyes, not the fantasy we see in our mind.
The light of the world is not just a faded vision,
The harsh realities can slice right through like a blade incision.
And we face pain and aggro like the rage of a blazing vixen,
Shattered into pieces of emptiness like the remains of a raided prison.
Our strength and will lifts us back up when we fall down,
Never to give up especially when we are called out.
And in my opinion unity should be the law now,
Violence in every city remains a plague and we saw how.
Riots start over issues unresolved; unattended and unanswered,
Ignoring dangers like the fact smoking causes lung cancer.
Dark secrets unraveled, truths discovered and mysteries revealed;
This is our developing life good and evil things need to be resealed.
Live like a raging fire; burn the skies with your flames,
Increase in your fading desires: turn the light into our pain.
Looking for bliss and joy only to find more sorrow,
Living in the memory forgetting that there is always tomorrow.
A chaotic havoc could turn in to a scene so serene,
Close your eyes and just force your mind to dream.
And you will find a fantasy a life so clean and pristine,
No chaos reaching and no creeping fiends.
Let the rainbow appear into your new life,
And forget the past keep your truth nice.
If we listen carefully we can hear the rhythm that the hearts are beating,
And the silence of the night sky as if the stars are breathing.
Let this be our truth;remain anonymous to strife,
Close the door and open another to a new life.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Thursday, 1 November 2012

When it's hard to write...(pen to paper)

Pen to paper my words are at a loss,
Confused and in doubt not knowing what to write.
My mind is going crazy my heart tells it to stop,
But life is too dark there isn't a guiding light.

Is it me and the doubts i face or is there no ink in my pen?
Time slowing down with the clouds to race,
Inspiration is hard to find like an angel sent.
I need to drown myself in the aura of a wonderful place.

Poems are not just simply words created to rhyme,
They are expressions poured out from the depths of hearts.
Now that i release my soul it retraces the time,
Can you feel it like the sound of the breaths of stars?

People find peace in meadows and in songs,
Harmony in watching the night sky when the stars are gone.
Chasing a spirit sowing a support to keep them strong.

Listen closely to the winds as they howl the truth of life,
Watch the clouds pass by as they show us the gentle light.
Now look to your heart and tell yourself what you see,
Can you find an answer to finally realize your dreams?

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sitting alone in the dark

Sitting alone in the dark; inside a heart broken.
Fear that love will always be far; in time a dark omen.
Tears flow when the stars have spoken, leaving traces of a hard heart token.
We feel like we bleed when our heart is in pain,
When the emotions are in conflict; screaming in the rain.
Sometimes it feels like we cannot breathe like life making a change,
Showing us reality and that our sight is just feign.
So cry out to the heavens that your heart is crying,
Try now to the devil whispering in your soul forever lying.
Telling you that you always be on your own; alone,
A whisper that sends coldness right to the core of your bones.
Sitting in the darkness; stay in that place.
Until your soul is ready again just hide your face.
Sitting in the darkness; tears flowing from your eyes like streams.
Cursing the heartless; for ruining your life and killing your dreams.
Questioning yourself if it was possible for your heart to be fixed and repaired?
The shadow on the wall with fear instilled and despair.
Sitting in the darkness with no hope remaining,
With nothing but a broken heart in the wish that life would replace it.