Monday, 8 October 2012

You, Me, Us

Look at the silent night sky peaceful and bright,
The feeling I get when I see your nice eyes, easy and light.
Sometimes I wonder could I ever see the heavens,
Beyond the glory, the guiding star of Jerusalem is there a second?
Melodies of the pianos keep my heart at ease,
Drinking tea keeps me relaxed so full of harmony and peace.
But when i look to the sky a million things cross my mind,
The beauty of life, and the adventure of time.
The universe's beauty could be seen in a girls eyes,
I want to feel love and realise what its like to fly.
Would i ever meet someone who would gladly take my heart,
My journey has been terrible its only ever been ripped apart,
Squashed, shattered, broken like a mirror to screeches,
I want to take someone to a point where angels wings reaches,
Do we ever remember what its like to be a foetus,
A forgotten memory, but deep down we can feel it.
Do we ever reason, do we question our breathing,
Is love anything like looking at the lips we are reading,
The emotions we are feeling, what do you feel when you see someone who you thought was leaving.
I want to live a life with someone where i can always be me,
Not trying to live a life i see on TV, or try to live out my dreams, because magic really isnt what it seems, life is really what we see, we're destroyed by our mentalities, one day we really need to face reality and stop living a vivid fantasy.
Maybe there's more to life then feeling love,
Maybe there's more to thinking about the heavens above,
Maybe there's more to believing in this world,
To chase it, we must let go of its treasures and pearls,
These maybe a few jumbled up words,
But they make sense in everybody's world
But I think about everyone else first,
We don't think about death we only remember our birth.
And experiences that we've had that we feel were the worst,
But we must remember we still have a lot to learn.
We know what fire is but we haven't been burnt,
We're standing on the point of no return,
Look in the mirror and see how your heart turns,
Looking at you and how the world can really hurt.
You seek love but you haven't found who you are,
Believe, and start your journey by grasping your heart.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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