Monday, 22 October 2012

Two Loves

Love can be many things to many people,
A symbol of unity and even a deadly evil.
It can cure hearts or it can simply break hearts,
Bringing lovers together or distancing them apart.
In one world it is a miracle that we feel from within,
A happiness we thought not real; never existing.
A feeling overwhelming, a feeling that makes us,
Like a fire from the ashes the passion constantly blazes.
Love is like a fragrance that lasts for a really long time,
Smells sweet and lingers in the fragile hearts of youth.
Sitting by themselves with thoughts of their lovers in mind,
But is this really love? Is this the truth?
In the next world love is a cruel fantasy,
A dream leading astray from our realities.
Giving our minds pressure destroying our mentalities,
Crushing our fragile hearts so fatally, it's something that's banned to me.
A deadly poison flowing through the veins of the victims,
Projecting insecurities on those around them it still waits to sink in,
When we feel the pain of love we will all stop singing,
And stay in our rooms crying and thinking,
That we were fools to fall in the disease called love,
As if it were a blessing from the clouds above.
Love can be so many things, a poison to the soul,
Or a remedy to the heart.
A regret for when we grow old or a melody of the stars.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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