Monday, 22 October 2012

Sweet Melody

A quiet melody that i hear in my mind,
indulges it's sweetness in soul and heart.
Listening to it's harmony slows down time,
And in slumber seems like i fly with the stars.
It's magic causes my tears to flow from my eyes,
Refreshing the light giving me a new start.
As i close my eyes paying attention to the sweet melody,
Dreams picture in my mind portraying my deepest wishes.
The darkness no longer haunts me because of this real remedy,
Like the surrenity of the ocean, deep within the swimming fishes.
The rhythm of life is shown to me in ny eternal dream,
My heart wishes that these images do not end.
That the melody should keep playing keeping life clean and pristine.
If happily ever after really exists then only in our sleep,
If the magic of smiles are real the only the soul can see.
A paradise like feeling is always felt when this melody is heard,
Close your eyes and look for it; and fly like a graceful bird.

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