Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Silent Misery (REVISED edition)

The emotional leech which saps me of my joy,
This depression that burdens me with an unbearable weight,
This misery that seems to prevent my lonely voice,
This pain in my heart that seems to define my fate.

The world seems to be in reverse as my past haunts me,
As it picks up the things I despise to remember,
Like a shadow on the wall that wishes to taunt me,
Struggling hard as the ghost of my past wants to re enter.

I pray for the strength, the strength to stay strong,
I know it sounds estranged but it's a desire of mine,
How the silence of death seems forever long,
as it creeps up on us as its slowing down time.

Let this world die, let my heart wilt away like a dead flower,
Let my eyes cry, those apart running like its the red hour,
Wish I would never have to worry about things that I do,
Because lies can hide the silent painful truth.

Look at the life that we live, trying to live out our dreams,
A fanatical effort, wasting what we have with nothing to be seen,
if only we could be, a manifestation of our short realities,
But we don't use our strength, which is to think, and that destroys our mentalities.

Everyone wishes for a life, quaint; bereft of evil,
a world where we could live together in harmony, all as people.
Idolizing celebrities has become a disease, a high pitched fever,
but we don't live our lives, instead we fight, believers and non believers.

Its nothing but a faded vision, as I'm consumed by life's fiend,
shadowed in the silent darkness, no where to be seen,
but amongst the nightmares of our hearts, where could it be,
living a life which is nothing but a lie because its not what we want to see.

A world so wasted, we need something to put our faith in,
so let us embrace it, and together we can save it.
To overcome the hurdles together we must face it,
Destroy the memories to erase it, a fire started constantly blazing. 

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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