Sunday, 21 October 2012

Real World

A life so peaceful and quaint; trees swaying with the winds.
The sun shining on us as we wake; the birds chirp as the new day begins.
A harmonious atmosphere as nature is showing us true beauty,
the tranquility of this life seems to flow right through me.
The clear blue skies and the floating clouds that pass,
The bumblebees that fly past as we lay on the grass.
A beautiful life indeed, we are in need, but this is just a dream.
If we really wake up we will see a different picture, a horrible scene.
Violence in every direction; agonizing screams is all we hear.
No peace just darkness, a life we can only live in fear.
People dying, children crying; our leaders lying,
Media brainwashing and twisting the real truth.
Only the intelligent people would know why the planes are flying,
But what would a perfect world really mean to you?
Feel my soul, breathe the air that i am breathing.
Feel my hope, feel the things that i am feeling.
Your life will change and now have a whole new meaning,
The pain that i feel;  internally bleeding.
Grasping on to little hope like the ends of a rope,
Holding on to life scared to fall in the abyss.
Life will never be a bliss, i hope the readers feel my grief as they are reading this.
Maybe you share my view, maybe you see life in another way.
Maybe we both see the truth, we should really see what others say.
Life was a blessing, which mankind threw into darkness;
A world which we live in ruled by those who are heartless.
I just sit here neglecting my thoughts and concentrate on my feelings,
After all its my emotions that give my life any meaning.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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