Thursday, 11 October 2012

My speaking heart

If my heart were to speak the words I'm about to write,
If my heart were to pour the things its felt,
If my heart were to scream the pain it faces every night,
Emotions would be felt everywhere even the sun could melt.
Silence is a coldness that's felt down the back of our spines,
Its also deaths answer to an oncoming misery.
I live my life feeling love for someone whose always on my mind,
Life is a mystery, it haunts me with my history,
Overwhelming me with a fear of a fake victory.
As my tears drop on the papers I shed my feelings upon,
With bloodshot eyes back against the wall I'm leaning on,
Thoughts lingering, flowing like the rivers bleeding,
Define life for me I need to find a meaning.
Then I remember the glow of your eyes,
Suddenly a new light, and the blueness of the skies,
A new air as I take a new flight, rising from nothing to fly.
Your hearts glow keeping me warm from deaths chill,
I thought I was lost but you've strengthened my will.
Like rising from a new life after being killed,
A blank expression like fear instilled.
As i picture you in my mind, your ocean like eyes and silky hair,
Struck in awe grasping my heart as I'm thinking of you it fills me there.
I can hear the stars speak of a new light, a new plight,
Prayers answered no more lonely nights.
The moon brighter than ever as it beholds your beauty,
Am i dreaming will somebody shoot me?
Celebrities make me joyful but not the way you do,
Like my heart was running on a treadmill a good truth,
And my love for you is true too,
This is my life, and I flew too.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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