Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mind Heart Soul And Name

Forever doth the silent cries of the shadow come hither,
  Imbuing us in the eternal darkness of life it does not hinder,
Seeing the fires blaze with ashes and cinders,
Time doth not render, it flows like streams and rivers.
The heavens and its resonating light, and hell with its everlasting fire,
Our choice is of two, an angelic might or the death of an evil sire.
We never ponder upon these choices when we try to live,
We never think about when we might die.
We don't differentiate between good and wrong, deeds or sins,
Its hard to find an answer if you can only look at the sky.
The world is a cursed place; where evil is free to roam,
Killing of innocent people, the youth ignoring their mothers moans,
A changed society, disastrous in every perspective.
The cries of our parents the people we kept respecting.
A bullet shot to our souls and our hearts,
May heal us in our disguise and tear it apart.
Too many people pretend to be people they are not,
They need to be who they truly are and surely they haven't forgot,
I write this with a mind thinking of today's world,
A heart with a wish to discover realities pearls.
A soul seeking peace, tranquillity and harmony,
And my name, a symbol of a star in me.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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