Friday, 12 October 2012

Imagine a day...

Imagine a day lying in the meadow during a bright summer ,
Surrounded with peace in a heat that would melt us like butter.
Trees shading us with its many leaves they hold on their branches,
Friends taking their chances, creeping up in silent advances,
Your eyes closed as you sleep in deep trances.
Imagine a day as harmonious as a piano without pause,
A day with no battle, no strife in our thoughts,
A world so perfect with no clause or flaws.
Consuming the beauty that the stars have brought,
A life so perfect that we can open every door.
Imagine a day where couples can walk together in the park,
Hand in hand with no worry of danger in the dark,
Side by side love surrounded connected by hearts,
In a relationship that nothing could break apart.
Imagine a life where we all had a new life a new start,
Where we all stood together like an array of stars.
We could be the light of this fantasy,
This life that we live now it doesn't have to be,
The way it is; together we can make a change,
And make a dream life come true, imagine a world with no more pain.
Imagine a world where people weren't separated by fame,
Where people weren't as high as the stars because of their names,
Imagine a world where we are all classed as the same,
Like the same grass everywhere that gets wet in the rain.
I imagine this life everyday, in my mind my thoughts and dreams,
Just thoughts i know but they are still magical scenes.
I wish in my heart that this could become our truth.
A life full of energy and high spirited youth.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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