Friday, 19 October 2012

Dedicated to my biggest Support

To @JillianRJordan

For your amazing support

A model of beauty a model of glamour,
A supporting figure who has always been at my poetic side,
Words do not do justice due to my low level grammer.
With golden flocks of hair, and beautiful heavenly eyes.

A singer to be, a star yet to be found.
A person to know, a person to befriend;
A beautiful figure with a beautiful sound,
Alone i cannot progress; on her do i depend.
And her name will i always defend.

Eyes of gems of paradise, golden hair like a heavenly slide.
A support for when im paralysed, she's given me a second in life.
I am proud to have found her and have her as a friend,
Her support is more valueble than what can be found on this earth.
Behold; the angel that did from heaven transcend,
May she live a golden life with diamonds and pearls

1 comment:

  1. Dedicated to Maavi Raja.

    Although we have never met, I feel as though I know you, almost as if we have met in another life. I know your heart. It's strong, it's kind, and it's very wise. Wise beyond your years of time. You are a rare find. A kind of friend we need in our time. Your words are beautiful, relate able, and help me feel free. Free from the everyday evil that we are forced to see. You are a breath of fresh air, in the way that you truly care. You are a reminder that there is still hope for mankind. It's amazing how you inspire me, fulfilling my dream to help others succeed. I believe in you, and I will always continue. Together, but miles apart, we can comfort each others hearts. Just to know that there are people like you gives me hope. The kind of hope that words can't describe. It's more of a feeling of coming together while living in a cruel, twisted world. So together we shall stay, to make it through each day. You will go so far in this life, with so much talent, and your bravery just to be you. You are perfect in every aspect, in every way. You are a true friend, one that will stay in my heart every day.

    Jillian Jordan <3