Monday, 15 October 2012

Cold Plight

Violent Screams, Wretched Agony, Confusion surrounding my mind.
Silent dreams, blessed fantasies; conclusions manipulating the light.
No more peace in my life, no more truth to be found in sight.
To move forward a heavy payment of a price, that we sacrifice.
Darkness from every orifice, an illusion enslaving our eyes.
We cannot see what is reality, nor the real heavens in the skies.

This world is the real hell, it captures us in desire.
We chase materialistic objects to no avail but get burnt in the fire.
The silence of death engulfed in the shadows silently singing,
the torment of remorse, the depression of sorrow it is stridently bringing,
the fire with-in, Like sitting in a room where the phone is forever ringing.

To suffer like this is to past the realm as a ghostly figure,
Death, A Spectre of Shadow cloaked in darkness constantly growing bigger.
Passing these worldly paths, roses wilting, covering the picture,
The point of a gun in the hands of someone hesitant to fire the trigger.

Is there no more joy to be sought? Is there nothing to be a seeker of?

We all claim to be proud of our religion but not proud enough to be a preacher of?
Grasp the knowledge of light they say, become something a teacher of,
But my answer is there is nothing left, what are you a dreamer of?

A cold plight smites us all in our hearts, destroys whatever hope remains.
An old flight flies away distancing apart, an envoy to the path it retraced.
We lived our lives chasing riches and fame but we’re still left with naught,
Left in the abyss of our loneliness forever regretting the things that we sought.
Let us die with the gates of hell open, our lonely hearts forever broken,
Leaving behind remains of us, our tokens, the speeches that were spoken.
In a world bereft  of light, on lands containing a life forever frozen,
Dead is all once that was golden, a world that we lived was stolen.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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